Rule: The Chinese chess board is made up of ten horizontal lines and nine vertical lines. The verticals are interrupted by a central-horizontal void called a river. Two palaces are positioned at opposite sides of the board. Each is distinguished by a cross connecting its four corner points.   The King moves only one space at a time, either horizontally or vertically, but cannot move diagonally. It may never leave the palace, which is a square marked with an X. The two Kings cannot face each other on an open file. If either King sits exposed on an open file, the other King may not move to occupy that file.  The Rook moves one or more spaces horizontally or vertically provided that all positions between the original and final positions are empty.  The Knight moves two points horizontally and one point vertically (or respectively 2 points vertically and 1 point horizontally). If there is a piece next to the horse in the horizontal (vertical) direction, the horse is blocked and the move is not allowed.  The Minister moves exactly two points diagonally. If there is a piece midway between the original and final intended position of a minister, the Minister is blocked and the move is not allowed. Also, Ministers are confined to their home side of the river. Due to these limitations, the Minister can see only seven points of the board.   The Guard moves one point diagonally. It may never leave the palace. Due to these limitations, the Guard can see only five points of the board.   The Cannon moves differently when it moves to capture than when it moves passively. It moves one or more points horizontally or vertically like the Rook. However, in a capture move, there must be exactly one non-empty space in between the original and final position. In a non-capture move, all spaces in between must be empty.  The Pawn's passive move and capture move are always the same. A starting Pawn moves one point straight-forward. A Pawn crossing the river promotes, keeping its old move and gaining a new move -- a one-point step to either horizontal. Pawns do not promote on the last rank, where they can move only left or right. It go and never come back.

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